Lower 9 + 10 

— Select Piece at the 2018 AIGA PGH365 — 

typography  ·   layout design   ·   storytelling   ·   book design


"10 years ago. It's there. It's still there. It's just there." —  Kirk Washington

Imagine receiving a box, overflowing with what looks like junk from a thrift store. Imagine being shown a podcast about Hurricane Katrina, documenting its aftermath and those affected. Imagine then, being told that what you thought at first was junk, was actually a box of memories and artifacts salvaged from the hurricane. This is the story I illustrated through the books I designed and bound - a real story, told by real people. It's a narrative that deserves to live on, just like the memories of those whose lives were taken away by the hurricane.



Process Overview


Click here to see my full process documentation for Lower 9+10, based on the dialogue from a podcast by This American Life.