Hello there!
My name is Lucy, and I'm a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, having pursued a major in communication design and a minor in human-computer interaction. I'm currently looking for a full-time position!


A little bit about myself

I was born in the outskirts of a metropolis (Guangzhou) in China, and raised in the outskirts of a metropolis in Canada (Toronto), but returned to Guangzhou to graduate at an American high school located in the heart of the city. My experiences instilled in me a love to consolidate understanding— cross-culturally, cross-disciplinarily, and cross-generationally because of the incredible people I've met along the way. Through design, I want to ease the process for people to connect, by telling stories through inspirational and thought-provoking experiences. When I'm not busy wallowing in beautiful grid systems and typography, you can find me making music with my a cappella group or going shopping with my silly pup, Oska.

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*As a side note, I have a special soft spot for puppies, plants, paper, pianos, and penguins...